Regal Daylilies / Matt Meadows
I have a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in biology and environmental science, and a minor in organic chemistry.  I also have a Master of Science degree in biology, and 7 years of doctoral research in zoology and molecular genetics.

Hybridizing daylilies has afforded me the ability to continue my interest in molecular genetics. When exploring the myriad outcomes from mutli-allelic crosses I find the possibilities of tetraploid genetics fascinating and endless.

My goal in hybridizing is simple: to create flowers that I want for my garden. Varieties that are striking from a distance and awe-inspiring close-up. I want visitors to say, “look at that one over there,” and be even more captivated when they get closer; repeating the experience throughout their visit.  I want to awaken each morning to an addiction of visual splendor that drives me from bed and out to the garden, punctuated only long enough to get my pants on. This is why I hybridize! I am pleased to be able to share my flowers with you, so you may enjoy this experience.

My commercial daylily hybridizing program of breeding only tetraploid cultivars began in 2014, though I have grown daylilies for over 20 years. Although I breed a variety of forms and colors, my favorites are round forms with wide overlapping petals and broad sepals while encompasing big edges and watermarks. I also breed spiders, narrow, and ususal forms.

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